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Sillimanite (also named Bamlite or Bucholzite) is Silicate mineral with chemical formula Al2SiO5, polymorph with two other minerals: kyanite and andalusite (it has same chemical formula, but crystal structure and physical properties are different.) A variety of Sillimanite is known as fibrolite and its traditional forms are common in metamorphosed sedimentary rocks. Sillimanite is the most rare of the three trimorphs. Mostly it is used in glass industries and it is perfect raw material for manufacturing of alumina (Aluminium oxide) bricks, used for manufacturing of high-quality porcelain.


Physical Propities :

Specific gravity: 3,24 g/cm3

Bulk density: 1,950 - 2,050 Kg/m3

Hardness (Moh's): 7.5 
Technische Daten
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Sieve analysis :
Mesh Wage,%
425 -
300 0,8-2,5
212 4,5-7,5
150 79,0-86,0
106 95,5-99,0
75 99,5-99,8
<75 0,2-0,5
  • 50 kg. nett in jute bags.
  • by arrangement.
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