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Our company offers

natural mineral abrasives, which do not pollute the environment and do not harm the health of workers. In addition, the use of these materials reduces costs.

Garnet BS
Grade Mesh

Garnet BS (Blasting Sand) is a natural, mineral blasting media with a minimum of dust for the use of many purposes...

Garnet WJ
Grade Mesh 80

is a natural abrasive material, for the use of water jet cutting. Garnet WJ (Water Jet) is suitable for this purpose at best...

Garnet powder
Mesh 400

is used for polishing of hard surfaces, especially for polishing of optical devices...

Ilmenite concentrate

delivered by our company, is mined in form of sand in India. It is valuable for the production of titan and its derivatives (oxide titan, ferrotitanium and others)...

Ilmenite powder

is a naturally mined iron titanium oxide mineral. It is generally black as sand, odorless, tasteless, opaque under a microscope, non-flammable and insoluble at 20°C...


Zircon's exeptional qualities of hardness and durability makes it a must-use for the manufacture of ceramics and refractory tiles and...


is a common mineral of mineral group „oxides and hydroxides“...


is Silicate mineral with chemical formula Al2SiO5, polymorph with two other minerals: kyanite and andalusite...

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