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Garnet powder Mesh 400

Garnet powder is used for polishing of hard surfaces, especially for polishing of optical devices.
Garnet-powder, the material from natural mineral almandine, which is produced with the help of modern technology. With its self-sharpening function, a high polishing effect, low consumption and good fineness of polishing, this product can also be used in the electronic semiconductor industry. Garnet powder is the ideal material for polishing various surfaces, due to the perfect polishing quality. Garnet-powder is also used for the manufacture of cement.
Product Data Sheet
Chemical Composition - Typ.
SiO2 37.06 %
Fe2O3 2.83 %
Al2O3 22.90 %
MgO 6.50 %
MnO 0.76 %
CaO 1.89 %
TiO2 0.19 %
FeO 27.18 %
Physical Characteristics - Typ
Appearance Odourless, white powder
Density 3.5 - 4.0
Hardness (Mohs) 7 — 8
Crystallization Cubic (isomeric) system as rhombic dodecahedrons
to tetragonal trisoctahedrons or in combinations of the two
Solvent Solubility Insoluble in water and organic solvent
Boiling point 2,980°C (5,396°F)
Melting point 2,000°C (3,632°F)
Specific Gravity 4.0
Toxic substances none
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